Rental Terms and Conditions

  • Id proofs required to rent a Vehicle:
    – working id card, Aadhar card, driving license (all originals required for verification)
  • Renter driving license should have a minimum experience of bout 1 year.
  • Renter should not be found drunk ( alcohol or other alcoholic drinks) @ the time of pickup. In such a case, the booking would be canceled no refund will be done.
  • Smoking of tobacco or weed and drinking alcoholic beverages is strictly not allowed inside the vehicle. if our authorities come to know of any such instances penalty of about 10,000/- would be charged strictly.
  • Carrying pets, or any commercial goods is strictly not allowed
    Customers are not allowed to use our vehicles for any commercial purpose without our management knowledge ( ex:- giving for rentals, used for any shooting purpose.)
  • Renters are sole responsible for taking photos and video of the vehicle before renting both interior and exterior (images of vehicle tyre, battery & wheel drums)
  • Pickup and drop timing should be accurate as per booking timing, any delay in the pickup of the vehicle will not be considered and the timing would be calculated as per your booking timings only.
  • If any delay in the drop of the vehicle or any extensions should be informed prior to the customer service number( +91 7636046479) or to the branch cug number if failed to inform then 5000/- would be charged @the time of drop.
  • For doorstep delivery, the delivery timing will be based on the availability of the drivers and also depends on the city traffic. timing will be calculated only after the customers receives the vehicle from us.
  • In case of any breakdown of the vehicle, the renter is not allowed to touch any spare parts of the vehicle without the proper permission of the Northeastrentals.in management.
  • In case of damage repair our management strictly allows only from authorized service centres and not from any local workshops. in case of such incident, we would charge a penalty of about 10,000/- apart from damage charges.
  • Interior of the vehicle to be kept clean at @the time of drop-in case of any bad odor, or vomitus, or any other stain interior cleaning charges of 1500/- would be charged from the customers.
  • Extra fuel will not be considered for the payment refund.
  • The renter needs to pay the full payment as per quotation @ the time of pick up of the vehicle if the renter drop off the vehicle earlier than the drop-off timing then no refund will not be considered for the same.
  • As per Indian government regulations, our vehicles are restricted from exceeding a 80 km/speed. Staying within the speed limit ensures road safety and legal compliance.